Golden play button 🙏🏻❤️| Avneet Kaur| 2020

Avneet Kaur

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    Hey Everyone!
    Thank you so much for being a part in this journey I have got so much love from you guys! And thank you so much PAprom for sending over this beautiful golden play button! I promise to be
    Active and I promise to create more and more content on PAprom for you guys!
    I hope that you like this video! If you did then please do like, share, comment And subscribe to my channel love you guys 😘♥️

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    1. Md Muhid

      miss u Yeshmin

    2. Md Muhid

      nc and comes back aladin

    3. srijana rai


    4. srijana rai

      ye gold button na anushka di ko milni chaye thii who all agree like here but kaya kare avneet di ne pa liye but it is ok but anushka di ko bhi milne chayie once again who all agree like here 👇 👇 👇

    5. Jahanvi Sharma.

      She always uses only one word "SO" By the way congratulations 🔥

    6. Saad Faiz

      I like your character in Alladin 😍

    7. Ashani Tharusha

      Congratulations avneet😍😍💖💖

    8. G.K G.K

      Mein aapko like bhi nahi karta or support bhi nahi karta

      1. Anmi K

        Then why did you come here

    9. G.K G.K

      Bahut din ke badh Attitude girl se mila

    10. swapna tv telugu



      I am ur big fan



    13. shilu parvin

      😘😍💖💕🤲 love you

    14. Chitti Srilatha

      Congratulations 🎊🎊👏👏👏🎉🎉 Avneet So Nice 😊🥰😍♥️💞

    15. Sulmanrajpoot Sulmanrajpoot

      Your very very very beautiful avneet di

    16. Bina Nayak

      Congrats avneet you are my favourite as Alladin's yasmine please please come back if it is possible

    17. Rishita Leha Dutta


    18. Arhaan Hossain


    19. Muskan verma

      Hii didi l am biggest fan you🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    20. Saksham Dhakal

      Plz come back in aladin its boring if you are not thrre

    21. Adeeb Ansari

      Keep happy and been success in ur life

    22. Amit Verma

      Congratulation for your PAprom golden play button😄😄

    23. Dhara_ARMY_MOA _


    24. Naser M

      Avneet like

    25. TN K

      Congratulations pretty 😘😘😘😍😍😍

    26. Touhid Khan

      You should claim for diamond play button

    27. GS. DEVILS

      Apki height Kitni hai

    28. Thoufeeque Alam

      Bahut acchi lag rahi ho

    29. Ramlal Yadav

      Tumhaari mehnat ya tumhare papa ki 💩💩

    30. Muhammad Hassan

      Love yiuuuuuu💞💞💞💞💞💞

    31. Suhan Ruhel

      When will you live

    32. neelam sharma

      Plz do a live chat...i am ur biggest fan

    33. Faded Gamerz

      Plzzzzzzzz come back in Aladdin we all are waiting if you can't so I left to watch Aladdin .Who agree like hear

    34. Dance With me! Alankrita

      ❤️Congratulations didu❣️💙

    35. Lalita Bisht

      This energy of avu is missing in the recent videos.

    36. Harshvi Jain

      Congratulations avneet you really deserved it and many more to come🥳❣

    37. Lathif Quadri

      I love u

    38. Kritika Butala

      Congrats ❤️❤️❤️ di u r so sweet ❣️ love u 😘😘 pls come back in alladin 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

    39. Manasvi Singh Sidneet VM on tera mera rishta ❤️

    40. Chandana Suresh


    41. Vijay Rathod

      Congratulations di all will always subscribe your channel because you are soooo sweet pray for not 1000000 you go ahead 2000000 ,3000000,4000000..................just go ahead

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    43. Krishna ba

      Lost of best wishes for success ! Congratulations avneet Big fan of avneet Kaur ! Love you......❤️

    44. Aditya Bhandarkar

      Congratulations avneet 🥳🥳👌👌👌👌💘💘💘💋💋

    45. Saniy Kouser

      Avneet kaur di make a change of how to remove profile photo in PAprom

      1. Saniy Kouser

        For ur fan u make no avneet kaur di I will be waiting for your video

      2. Saniy Kouser

        And I am ur biggest fan

    46. Shakil Natore

      Congratulation Avneet☺☺

    47. super crafting

      *When have you started your channel?*

    48. Chirag Dubey

      Pls make a vlog of your award function.

    49. Chirag Dubey

      Congrats avneet you will always shine.😍

    50. Mohammed Zihan

      Love ❤️ you all the time ❣️😘

    51. Priya shekhswat

      Koi is gareebb ko bhi subscribe kar do

    52. dharmendra Malawat

      Beti tu galat jagah aa gyi he carry piche pad gya to muh tak nhi dihkha payegi

    53. Leena Upadhye

      CONGRATULATIONS DEAR DIDI 🤗💓💝💖💕🌺😘💞love you

    54. Ava Das

      Aisa bhi koi mehnat nhi kia play button ke liye, nina mehnat kiye hi mil gaya


      Di I am your fan

    56. Samsung galaxy Tab a6

      You and sidhart is very matched couplezzz😍

    57. Sk Das

      avneet kaur please please please please coming back in aladdin show

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    59. anushka chaudhary

      First congratulations 1 million crossed subscribers and the second congratulations for your this golden play button

    60. AK technoz

      Mehnat to hame karni Padti hai jaise carryminati bb ki vines etc ye to star hai inka kya those who agree give a like and comment

    61. tarush sawant

      Congratulations avneet kaur you got golden play button

    62. Vimal Solanki

      Congratulations avneet

    63. Mohammad Khan

      I don't know why I hate you a lot

      1. Mohammad Khan

        @Sejal Sangole oh please shut up this girl have so much attitude that's why she don't have much friends

      2. Sejal Sangole

        Because she is successful, happy, earns well whether she deserves it or not..and she got 1 million subs easily without doing much Because of maybe her acting on television and you envy her probably because you're nowhere near to her. This is what I think is the answer to your why..

    64. Himanshu Chaubey


    65. The Secret Children

      Congratulations di 🎉🎉 Avneet di - like Arishfa di - Comment

      1. Abdul Hadi Abubakar


    66. Ashwini Narendra Murhe Murhe

      Congratulations di I am very happy for you🥰🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻

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    68. Aadarsh Sharma

      0:22 nice

    69. Shrishti Gaur

      Avneet di never reply to anyone

    70. Manya Singh

      Di AAP giveaway kab karoge

    71. Zain Zubbbair

      If you want Avneet back in Aladdin then write it in all her videos and support me💖

    72. Ruchi Saraswat

      Is she a celebrity no content in this channel see the content of PApromrs who are under rated just bcoz of these girls just make up and come here and get 1 million sitting in front of the tripod no cost no expenses i just HATE them all.. Just because of audience these people are getting so much fame

      1. Ruchi Saraswat

        @Sejal Sangole itni lambi speech Btw I have read only the last 3/4 lines do you think that what I have written would be true it's just my frustrations nothing like that. ...

      2. mylifeasdoy

        @Sejal Sangole yeah exactly

      3. mylifeasdoy

        @Ruchi Saraswat lol😂 Lets just not go there. I mean its up to us to whom we support. She isnt forcing us to sub her right? So relax 😌✌

      4. Sejal Sangole

        @Ruchi Saraswat see..I agree with you partially but this alliance won't change a thing thinking practically...she hasn't forced anyone to sub her.. it's the people's choice..they want to get fooled, waste their time..or say whatever.. Following just Beauty...Our alliance won't change a thing.. This is the harsh truth of our society...some people work hard for years to achieve one million followers and these girls(boys too) get that easily.. Now coming to your point...see you cannot say exactly she's not hardworking..And yes she is a celebrity.. She's working from her childhood..She has better connections..and already a huge fan following... that's why she got this easily..she has already made her identity And other people on PAprom have to first make their identity...prove it to the people they are worth it.. No one gets it easy girll.. Don't be so quick to judge and Hate all of them.. that's a heavy word to use.. Celebrities too work hard, their life is too full of one gets easy success..if they get...that doesn't last long.. everyone has to work hard to maintain the position...

      5. Ruchi Saraswat

        @mylifeasdoy can't we all start a campaign. #unfollowzerocontent

    73. Akram Akram


    74. Akram Akram


    75. stuti aryal

      ashi is best sidashi not sidneet

    76. loveable friends

      Congratulations my favorite actor

    77. Risha Vlogs

      Congratulations to my sweet Avneet sorry I am late because my netpack had been finished that's why

    78. Prisha Parmar

      Plz do living in room, bathroom,kitchen,car,terrace for 24 the way very big fan❤️❤️❤️..I'm connected to this channel ❤️❤️

    79. Bear by ashu

      Bina makeup ke Shakal dikha tab manenge

    80. Priya AG

      Congrats avneet di...stay strong...

    81. Rajeena Rosaria

      Avneet = 👍 Ashi = comment

    82. Marwan Memon

      Honestly saying uh are my fav

    83. Prashamsa Adhikari [ I ]

      Congratulations 🎉❣️❣️❣️

    84. Dwarka Porwal

      Please rejoin the alladin show

    85. Shristi Kanaujiya

      Avneet with sidd ya avneet with riyaz Please comment 👇 👇

    86. Bobby Goyal

      Congratulations avneet di 🥳🥳

    87. Kaleemullah Kaleemullah

      Aveent Aladdin drama Buak place place place place

    88. Nazia Sultana

      Congratulations 🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉

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    90. Samita Pandey

      You deserve it girll. Congratulations and All the very best for your future!!❤❤👍😘

    91. Uma Shankar Singh

      Hii dii I am ur biggest fan and I have ur no. I mean ur mumma no. Please reply and name the app which u use to edit ur video

    92. Keyona Pathak

      Avneet plz come in Aladdin aapko aapke fans ki kasam

    93. Rashi Vlogs

      Congress my beautiful and cute and beste girl. You have done so much hard in your life. I am so much proud of you. I think l will be like you but where you💁 and where me😅. I am from Nepal. Lots of love ❣️ from Nepal.

    94. Ayesha

      Congratulations di and plz come back to aladdin

    95. Sneha Pandit

      Congratulations anvnee

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      I f you are real fans of avneet see this

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      Congrats 🎊🎉🎁 di 💖

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      Congratulations ⭐⭐

    99. Avneet kaur

      Congratulations avneet

    100. Rishu bhai

      Please come back on Aladdin