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    Thank you guys for one million 🥺❤️🙏🏻 I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!!
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    1. Abdul karim

      Congratulations avneet

    2. Rashija Suresh Babu

      Please come back in aladdin show plz🙏🙏🙏

    3. Vasukhi Vasukhi

      Please come back to aladin naam tho suna hoga I beg u

    4. vismaya vkkp

      Avneet behan, why are you go from aladdin? Pls come back. We are missing you a lot....... 😔😔

    5. Sayani Mondal

      I also happy

    6. sunitha vijay

      Mam i have a request can i say

    7. Abhishek Singh Rebel

      Love you avi

    8. S and R vlogs

      Hii it's me sargun and I want to ask u that what is the reason behind your and Jannat fight some people say it because of the role of yasmine and some people say it's because of Siddharth please tell the real reason

    9. Raisa Fatema

      Iam one from the 1 million

    10. Aditya Singh

      You and Sid are good partners and looks cute

    11. Prachi Ishwarkar

      Congrats avneet mam😘 U are the only one whom I liked most my favorite actress 😘😘

    12. Lubna Hossain

      #bringbackavneet #sidneet #bringbackavneet congratulations avneet kaur !!@


      Congrats ⊂(◉‿◉)つ


      Hi avneet

    15. Ravish Maurya

      Apna house dikhaiye

    16. Thoughts of kavya raj


    17. Sheetal Pandey dance

      Jo bhi Avneet ka fan hai vo idhar jldi subscribe karo channel name Sheetal pandey dance

    18. PRIYANSHU Mishra

      Hi Avneet kaur please Aladdin naam tu sona hoga me aap yapas aa jaeae please mai aapka and siddarth niggm ka fan hu

    19. Aditya Raj

      Happy birthday 🎂🎉🎉🎇🎇🎇 avneet Di. Wish u many many happy returns of the day 💕💕💕 May godd god bless.always be happy.❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖💖🤗🤗😎💖💖😎💖❤️😍💖😍😀

    20. Bina Bhandari

      Happy birthday didi💐💐🎂🎂🎂 Lots of love from suhani

    21. Sarita Sarita

      Happy Birthday Avneet🎂💐💐💐

    22. Musa Shaikh

      Happy Birthday avneet di 🎂🙂

    23. Yoge Taneja

      A very happy birthday to the cutest girl in the world may god bless you may your life be colourful like your personality many congrats🎉🎊🎁 🎂

    24. Sambhavi S.H.S

      Happy Birthday to you

    25. Aastha and Jalak Shah

      😊🤩Wish you many many Happy returns of the day Avneet ❤. We are Aastha and Jalak we are your biggest fan.❤

    26. Pratham Sharma

      Hi avneet 13oct its your birthday so happy birthday to you and wish me too because also my birthday will come 13oct 😊

    27. krish youtube r

      Avneet I love for you tube channel and tik tok video and album songs all amazing

    28. SUMAN DAS

      May God bless you with a Happiest smile and life ever❤❤❤❤

    29. imaad saifi

      Avneet kaur you are back to Aladdin show please

    30. Sanjay Dongre

      Please di you can live on 13th October because your birthday 🤩on PAprom please please please

    31. Abdul Shafeh

      I love you

    32. Mahi Moliya

      Congo Di

    33. Shubnarayan Rajbhar

      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏plz anveet mam came to Aladdin

    34. laila parween

      Please kisiko hate comment mat Karo sabko bura laga hai

    35. Aeasha .s

      Love you 😘💛

    36. Mahwish Rahman

      Congratulations avneet.

    37. Anuj Praj


    38. Anshika Garg 7B

      You are more talented you will get more likes and subscribes love you di ❤️😍

    39. Muhammad Iqbal

      Love you my jaan

    40. Tanmoy Kalita

      she is cute


      Please back Aladdin show

    42. Lakshya Kushwaha

      Filter It's over 90000

    43. Atreyee Mondal

      Avneet 😍

    44. Nirali Samil *43*

      Congratulations Avneet di

    45. Anshika Roy

      Hey guys stop subscribing these actresses...they are making us fool..plz If you want proof..go through her videos almost all her videos are sponsoring products.. They don't have any respect for our love.. It is the truth..

    46. Apurva Katkar

      Congratulations vineet di

    47. Jahanara Buly

      Plz come back to aladdin.😭💗

    48. PRAKHAR agrawal

      You are the cutest girl in the world avneet 😘😘

    49. 1000 subscriber with no video challenge

      Literally 1 persent people 🙏🙏who are reading this message may your parents live more than 💯years with good health ❤🙏🙏🙏

    50. Ahilam Parvin

      Reply me avneet , I am not interested in seeing Aladdin without avneet as Yasmin

    51. Ahilam Parvin

      Did you got PAprom play button


      Hey first lower your beauty


      75% of people who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 👍 God bless u

    54. Shweta Khurana

      You Worth It..❤️ Wish you more success in your life...

    55. Anandita Gupta 5A

      We have given you so much love so, you also can do something for us : GET BACK IN ALLADIN

    56. SID GAMING

      Saali ko dekhta hoon to naagin yaad aajati h aur ye mere home page kyu aayi re nikal

    57. Aaishkarani Karani

      Avneet back


      Chal ab gaar de

    59. Harshita Goswami Harshita

      Dii plzz apne fans ke saath bhi kabhi live aayiyega....plzz dii we really loves uu is it right guys??


      Avneet dheedhi I am your big fan. And come back to Aladin I miss you very much

    61. A P gaming

      Place avneet come back in aladin 🥰🥰🥰

    62. Salim Khan

      Wahh kya content h 😆😁😁😅😆

    63. Ritu Sumit

      I want to suggest avneet that she wants to use snack video as tik tok is banned. By - Hardik

    64. rohit pithani

      Avneet please come back to Aladin show please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    65. Vedanti Bhatkar

      Hi Mam actuall my friend is a very very big biggest fan of yours and i m requesting u to plz plz plz wish her happy birthday in the form of a vedio and make her day special....plz plz plz...her name is 'Uttkarsha'

    66. Sikandar Jutt

      Where are you

    67. Vipin Vijayan

      Welcome avneet

    68. Nisha Gupta

      Di from where you edit your videos

    69. heat love

      Avneet kaur I am your one of million fans I am here only to tell you that please join Aladdin if you will not join Aladdin then your fan power will get dicomposed in soil and any show or anything else you will in your future yours fans will not have any attention to you . They have lose their believe in you.

    70. Krishna Sharma

      Please come back to the alldin show 🙏🙏🙏

    71. Divyansh varma Varma email

      Avneet please come back Aladdin

    72. Sravya Setty

      Avneet congratulations for 1 million subscribers .🤝💕💕💕

    73. Jagdish Yadav

      mantel avneet kata avneet mantel

    74. Mitu Kapadiya

      Hi Avneet Di ples Come in Aladin sho 😊😊

    75. Aadit Shah


    76. loyed Machado

      Please come back

    77. Muftymesbah Khan

      Kus chij job bahat pasand karneke bad napasand karne ki noubat ati hey to oh dekhne se vi ghin ati hey #aladin plz comeback

    78. Jhuthika keerthi

      Avneet didi you are best in an any cost .not 1 million you will get more than that .we are there for you to support you

    79. Creative Sisters

      Congrats ( Avnee ) Avneet

    80. Dipali Ambaliya

      Congratulations Di, we are supporting you

    81. Lovely Anand

      Please come back to the show aladdin nam toh suna hoga We are really missing you 👍



    83. Gaming with Mandeep

      Please rejoin Aladdin show

    84. H S R

      *nice 1, nice 2, nice 3, nice 4, ..............nice......*

    85. Raistar 2.0

      Your look so sweet 😝😍😍😚😚😚😚

    86. Meenakshi Raut

      Pls join the alladin show pls aveent

    87. Nazimnoor Farooqui

      Aladdin q Lev krdiaaaaaaaaaa bbheeeee

    88. Priyanshu Editz

      Avneet pls back to aladin plz plz i miss the jodi of sidneet

    89. Anant Kaku

      Please come Aladdin Naam to suna hoga show back please please

    90. VipulKu Jain

      Avneet di please please please come in alladin please avneet di

    91. Asees Kj

      Hii avneet how are you

    92. aziz hussain

      Please come back to ALAADIN

    93. Novatic GAMING


    94. V Chapke

      Congratulations for 1milion subscribers

    95. Avneet Kaur

      Uhhhhhhh cool

    96. Qatar Qatar

      You are so cute avneet

    97. Lavanya Meshram

      Plzz make little more longer videos

    98. meera sarvaiya

      Please come back to the show

    99. meera sarvaiya

      Why are you left show

    100. Ishika Gupta