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    It's never too late to glam! Catch my makeup routine from Yasmine Season2 😍 and bever miss out on any update...More videos coming soon❤
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    I LOVE YOU ALL!❤️😘😘
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    1. Areena Tasnim

      The back ground music 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Omg , avneet di apki bohot yad ati hai...😭😭😭😭

    2. Kadambari Jog

      When I heard the background music I remembered the first season. It was really amazing the starting episodes I really miss them.

    3. Shreyas Manchikatla

      I really love back ground music and we all love you princess Yasmine 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    4. Bebo Singh

      Plz come back aladdin show plz aap ka phone number kya h plz bolo na di plz mera name divya h di plz bolo

    5. Selvi Stephen

      Really they will fall in love with you avneet but if u were in Aladdin show

    6. Selvi Stephen

      Really we miss u in season 3 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. Finished hub

      Come back in aladin season 3

    8. Choragudi Parnika

      Diiiii please come back to alladin We miss you a lot and sidneet. We cannot accept any other girl as our yasmine We miss you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    9. Anshika singh

      Please subscribe me guys I am small PApromr please support me please... Love you all...... 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    10. Kaniz Fatima


    11. saleha saqib

      Hmary scary cousins dekh hen alladin but ab nahi dekhty bcz AP nahi hen 😭 plz come back in alladin♥️

    12. saleha saqib

      Avneet api ap plz alladin my wapis ajao plz Ashi BH I achi hen but ap boh at achieve hen na is my🙃

    13. Nilesh Inamdar



      Didi i like your season 1 look but season 2 look is not bad

    15. Femi Febi

      Avneet your look so prety 🤩💗💗💗💘

    16. Bina Bhandari

      Happy birthday didi💐💐🎂🎂🎂 Lots of love from suhani Your biggest fan Please give me a heart

    17. Vidya Kochar

      I like the Aladdin music

    18. Bisma Tariq

      Ap please aladdin join kar lay please

    19. Rubina Butt

      Avneet plz come back in aladiin plzz we are see to you in role of shehzadi yasmine plz come back to Aladdin apko jitni baar apky fans NY keh dia he ab to aa Jana chahiye you are ignore your fans plz come back in Aladdin

    20. Puja Kumari

      Come back in aladiin

    21. Anita Joshi

      We are missing you Avni didi please come back on Aladdin show

    22. TEDFGFRF rgu4dhurbbytfggfhte

      I like to go bye Somalia

    23. TEDFGFRF rgu4dhurbbytfggfhte

      💗💝💓💞💜💜💖💕💕 I've done a little bit

    24. z.g tiktok

      I'm love you 🤩😍🥰💕♥️😘💞 please come back in aladin drama please

    25. z.g tiktok

      Aveneet you are so so so and cute, pretty please aveneet kuar come back in aladin drama

    26. Akash Mishra

      Miss you

    27. Shreyashi Raj Admission no. 4502

      Please avneet come back to Aladdin

    28. Fatima Dharwadkar

      I like you so so so.much avneet and my name is yasmin

    29. Fatima Dharwadkar

      Wowwwww! you are so so so preety avneet

    30. Rajwant Kaur

      My fav yasmine my princess too cute gorgeous

    31. Umesh Poojari

      0:55 very cute look

    32. Reena Gupta

      Plz back in alladin

    33. Nish i

      I miss you with this out fit and make up #comebackanveet

    34. pices artist

      Will you rejion alladin


      Please come back in Aladin

    36. Nita Thombre

      Aladdin show jisaka favorite hai like Karo

    37. Prince Gupta

      It means u are coming back in Aladdin I know you will not reply me because you are a actor please anyone else tell is she again coming back.....I Am her biggest fan please someone tell me

    38. Lalit singh Rajput

      Why did you leave aldin

    39. Faseeha Begum

      Please come back avneet in season 3 please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    40. Saurabh Chaturvedi

      Plz comeback

    41. All in one

      i don.t like new yasmine pls come back....... your top 1st fan

    42. TS Rao

      You look very pretty and please come back to aladdin

    43. Savvyy Rairikar

      The music..I miss it in season 3..

    44. Rafsan Ratul

      Please come back na avneet .....

    45. Anurag Hardi

      Whose seeing it lockdown??

    46. TEDFGFRF rgu4dhurbbytfggfhte


    47. soumya Mathur

      Wanna see u again in alladin naam to suna hoga #wewantavneetasyasmine

    48. Shaikh Faruk bhai janodvada Mo 9998415712

      Please come back aladin show

    49. Rumaisa Mariyum

      Aap bhot cute ho


      You are looking beautiful you are the most beautiful girl in the world I love your smile

    51. himanshu kumar

      I love you

    52. Balaji Ranganathan

      Your beautiful didi beautiful Koi happy judge me sakta koi bhi nahin

    53. Aminbutt 89

      Avneet sirf ap per hi shehzadi Yasmine ka look acha lagta he plz come back in Aladdin we miss you you are really good actor the name of shehzadi Yasmine plz plz come back to say makers

    54. Offline Offline

      Come back in aladdin plsss🥺🥺🥺🥺

    55. Diya lahane

      Please come back aladdin show😭😭😭😭😭😭

    56. Zain Zubbbair

      We want you back as Yasmin plssss

    57. Aparna Tupe

      If you'll not come again after this covid 19 we will stop seeing alladin who agrees hit like

    58. Aparna Tupe

      Avneet plz come back to alladin we all are missing you sooo much


      Please come back in Alladin show 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    60. Bhanderi Jayshree Rupeshbhai

      Really Avneet didi you are so beautiful😍✨❤

      1. Bhanderi Jayshree Rupeshbhai

        Please reply me in insta. My account is @Avneet🥰dream girl please🙏

    61. Debaka Adhikari

      Teacher :What is not possible. Me : getting a like from avneet di.

    62. Padamacharan Bhoi

      Which day you come in Yasmine role

    63. Muzamil Rajpoot

      Ap kue gie came again again

    64. Zareen Chasmawala

      Please come back Avneet we miss u so much!!!! #bringbackavneet

    65. Lovely Lisa

      Luv u avneet 😘😘😘

    66. Momotaz Khatun

      I miss you

    67. Bharti yadav

      Avneet you are so cute . New yashmine is not so good 🙏😭

    68. Gunpreet Kaur

      Pls come back

    69. Nidhi Paneru

      Missing you avneet Seeing your old videos

    70. Sajid hussain rajput

      avneet kaur ap Wapas a jaen Aladdin drama ke show ma aap drama Adhura Hai please please please ap he drama ma real Yasmine

    71. Simran Sharma

      I am just here to watch avneet dii in Yasmine look🔥❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Anyone else hit like 👍👍

    72. Geeta Mehra

      We really miss you in Aladdin show

    73. Gaming Guruji Ds

      Please come back to Aladdin

    74. Masrat Manzoor

      Missing you

    75. Rashi Sai

      Please come back de n aladin

    76. Huda Umm

      Avneet come back to Aladdin show Missing u a laot😔😔😔😔😔

    77. Rao Angel / Abhyuday Singh

      I loved the background music the most... And also the last part of the video when her whole look was being shown...

    78. Sunita chauhan

      I am big fan you look so pritty 😍😍😍😍💕

    79. Sanjay Agrawal

      Avneet mam I am very happy to see you in the show once again And I dont think any other actress can copy your role

    80. Svarneet Panesar

      please come back😰😭😭😭🧡🧡💖

    81. sohel Mulla

      PlZz come back Aladdin show 🙏🙏

    82. LHAMU dolkar Sherpa

      Background music is so sweet like u biggest fan plz come back back in Aladdin show without u it’s so boring❤️❤️❤️❤️😊☹️☹️☹️

    83. angel beauty care

      Aakho ke aakho ke ye silsile my god so much amazing plz come back avneet

    84. Sandipa Ganguly

      you ara darty girl

    85. Sandipa Ganguly


    86. Sandipa Ganguly

      yuo dress are more darti

    87. Sandipa Ganguly


    88. Sandipa Ganguly


    89. Rao Angel / Abhyuday Singh

      Avneet, I hope that you'll be back after this covid 19 vanishes.. As we're really missing u...

    90. Ansar Aman

      Aviiii dheedhi plzz come back 2 the show Aladdin its your show plzz it is a request dheedhi plzz

    91. TEDFGFRF rgu4dhurbbytfggfhte


    92. Athulya AP

      SO CUTT

    93. Atiya Kiran

      We want your season 3 look😭😭😭

    94. Shehla Ansari

      Avneet di plz comeback qnd some youtubers saying you are going to rejoin is it true

    95. Abeel Unar

      Plz come back in aladdin

    96. Mohammad Naeem Ansari

      Please come back Yasmine 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    97. Kristel Mae

      Always watching your videos wearing a princess look, hope Ill see you again on Aladdin. Badly miss you Avneet #bringbackAvneet

    98. nisha Sibi


    99. Hetvi Baraiya

      App a rahi ho wow

    100. Fraz Fraz

      Miss you I did not watch Aladdin because #bringbackavneetwewantavneetasyasmine 😔😣😖😖😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭